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About Us


Unwavering Dedication to Excellence

At Toledo Building Services, two powerful words encapsulated within our mission statement are “Service Excellence.” That succinct expression profoundly encapsulates our unwavering approach to every facet of our work.

We are committed to delivering service with excellence to our valued customers, the cornerstone of our company’s ongoing success. Our dedication to providing exceptional customer service remains steadfast.

Our servant leadership also extends to our employees, driving our operational success. Acknowledging our workforce’s unique needs, aspirations, and inherent dignity, we endeavor to support them in every conceivable way.

In alignment with our mission, we extend Serious Service to our community, our company’s steadfast home for three generations. At TBS, we view it as our obligation to contribute to the community, cultivating a pleasant, stimulating environment and a welcoming place to reside.

Having forged our reputation for delivering outstanding cleaning services, we are the trusted choice for the area’s most esteemed corporations, schools, healthcare systems, and businesses. Our legacy of Serious Service is a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence.

How We Manage

Our business is about delivering a trained and capable workforce every day, and our internal controls support that mission. We begin by thoroughly screening and training each team member and closely measuring how well they meet our customers’ needs.

We have internal processes for tracking labor call-offs, no-shows, and substitutions. We use telephone timekeeping to alert supervisors and managers of any issues. And our human resource system provides the information for our government-required reporting.

A Brief History

Founded in the early 1900s as Toledo Window Cleaning Co., Toledo Building Services began, as its original name implies, as a window washing service. The company became an Ohio corporation in the 1930s, and the Friedman family purchased it in 1935 during the Great Depression.

Toledo Building Services grew in Toledo through the war years—and the prosperous post-war years—evolving from a window cleaning enterprise to a full-service building cleaning business while maintaining local focus, ownership, and management.

Now the largest contract cleaning operation in Northwest Ohio, we have done it by providing customers with personal service and maintaining good relations with the people we employ. We were among the first companies in our industry to recognize a union, Local 3 of the Service Employees International Union.

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A Core Tenet of Our Values

Beyond our commitment to serving customers, Toledo Building Services actively participates in and contributes to our community. Our dedicated team members provide service, time, leadership, and financial support to various esteemed nonprofit organizations in the area.

TBS proudly supports organizations such as the Toledo Museum of Art,  Toledo Day Nursery, Owens Community College, United Pastor for Social Empowerment, Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, N.A.A.C.P., Toledo Fair Housing Center, Toledo School of the Arts, Rotary Toledo, Erie Shores Council for Boy Scouts, and Tom Wernert Center. By actively engaging with these entities, we aim to play a role in the betterment and well-being of our community.

Environmental stewardship is a hallmark of our industry leadership. TBS is committed to using environmentally friendly products and methods in our operations. Our adoption of practices such as using microfiber cloths, electric-powered low-moisture cleaning equipment, and HEPA-filtered vacuum sweepers underscores our dedication to minimizing our ecological footprint.

We are unwavering in our commitment to environmental sustainability and continuously seek opportunities to enhance our green cleaning practices. At TBS, being responsible stewards of our community and the environment is integral to our corporate ethos.